“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers” (Voltaire)

Deal Mechanics are experts in understanding the mechanics of any sales deal.

We apply field-proven methodologies for reviewing the stake-holders, sales and negotiation strategy, and to assess the political aspects of a sales deal. We help you Realign your resources, Re-focus your strategy and Rehearse your customer communication to move the deal forward in a positive manner.

For the Sales Leader, it is your insurance policy…
“we’ve done everything we can to review our position and to move our sales strategy forward”
…i.e. that you have looked at all aspects of the deal and ascertained whether you are correctly positioned for the deal.

Encompassing many years of experience, the Deal Mechanic can apply expertise in numerous areas.

  1. General Sales Capability and Skills Mentoring
  2. Sales Manager mentoring & coaching
  3. Deal Assessments & strategy sessions
  4. Customer Sales & Deal strategies
  5. Customer Conversation Planning
  6. Strategic Negotiation, to Maximise the Value of the Deal.
  7. Indirect Go-to-Market Strategies

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