“Want better deals, faster?”
Get your deals tuned up!

often the biggest issues are the simplest to resolve…

What if you were doing something 180-degrees wrong?
Would you want to fix it?

What if your current sales approach was 180-degress wrong? Yes, you were doing a number of things you believed were correct, but they (unknowingly to you) were taking your brand, your deals and your results in the wrong direction?
This is what we often see when we start working with clients.
If you want to get your deals back on track, improve your client interactions, your deal qualification, your deal yield, your negotiated outcomes… then get your deals tuned up, or fixed and your course corrected with the deal mechanic!

Consulting & Coaching Services

  • Dialing up the Deal Dialogue
    1. Sales strategy review – how are we competing and are we getting our true value “into the game”
    2. Negotiation strategy review – do we have a negotiation plan or are you making it up as you go along.
    3. Deal review & the 5Q’s – establishing the right internal conversation to support your team’s external client conversation
    4. Changing the Customer Conversation (CTC virtual workshops) to help the team change their game
    5. Planning the next customer meeting – tactical “plays” to ensure you move your deal forward the right way
    6. Quarterly Customer Business reviews – get appropriate credit for the value you are delivering to you clients and drive retention.

Other Mechanics Services

  • Sales Skills & Training – from presentation to questioning techniques
  • ” The 3% Approach”
  • Sales Team motivation and rejuvenation
  • Sales Strategy
  • Channel Strategy Review
  • Sales Manager Coaching & Mentoring
  • Cold Calling strategies – with Frontline Selling
  • Developing the initial sales pitch
  • new services Data Mechanics – see next page

If you have must-win deals and are needing a sanity check… gimme a call?