Dean Kelly – Deal Mechanic

Dean Kelly founded Deal Mechanics to fill a gap identified in most sales organisations – reversing the decline in sales revenue and margin in sales deals. His 30 years of experience in direct and indirect sales, marketing and sales management, has equipped him with the skills, experience and a passion for improving the outcome of deals. Whether a complex or simple deal – there is always additional value to be found and leveraged.

His experiences include work with major MNC’s in senior sales and sales management roles in a number of locations across Asia Pacific. Most recently, he has worked with major companies to improve the deal outcomes for major or strategic sales deals.

He is most often engaged initially analysing the many facets of complex solution sales – from the creation or understanding of the end client’s vision and business drivers; a quick opportunity qualification process to understand the structure of the deal, then creating the client orientated buying criteria, unique areas of “real-time” sales value; then the sales and negotiation strategy for a successful outcome. He enjoys all facets of these deals, and especially the competitive aspects that test a sales team’s mettle.

He is a confident and clear communicator with particular skill in communicating complex concepts and value propositions to senior executives and public audiences. This has allowed him to bridge successfully between IT and Business users and “walk the talk” in his client engagements.

He has worked sales opportunities in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in complex solution sales (including Managed Services) and in highly competitive technology markets via both direct and indirect channels. He has worked across most industries including telecommunications, finance, retail, transportation and government.

Dean has lived in Asia and Australia including time in Singapore and now Melbourne with his family. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration (BCA) degree from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand
mobile: +61-430-244-883